About MarieBelle


With stores in New York and Kyoto, Japan, MarieBelle is a brand name chocolate and confectionery company with high quality elegant products. Maribel Lieberman is the founder of MarieBelle New York, and to this day its most inspired doyenne. Maribel’s passion for confections started at an early age when as an eight-year-old child, she became obsessed with exotic flavors and would make sugar candies and sell them to neighborhood children in her native Honduras. It was a combination of these things which ignited the passion in her to produce miracle chocolates.



Food: We are very selective about using only the finest seasonal and natural ingredients. Our chocolate is handmade from the highest quality single origin cacao, resulting in complex flavors not commonly found in chocolate. MarieBelle’s passionate artisans have startling creativity and a gift for harmonizing flavors to create our delectable confectionery.

Art: MarieBelle chocolates are an edible work of art. Our designs are all paintings created by artisanal, culinary artists. Each design tells its own story.

Beauty: MarieBelle chocolates are elegant on the inside and out and are as beautiful as they are delicious. Our elegantly presented boxed confectionery make the perfect gift for someone you care about.

“Life is all about the pleasure and happiness we find in food, art and beauty”.
-Maribel Lieberman, chocolatier.

We choose only the finest selection of cacao beans and finest quality ingredients from all over the world. Not only that, but we are also very particular about how we procure those beans and ingredients. Along with owning farms where our all-female team cultivate beans, we also only deal with farms directly. This means that we do not go through a distributor to obtain the beans that we use to make our chocolate. We deal directly with those responsible for making the beans on the farm. This is why our concept is called “farm to bar”. Consideration is given to properly remunerate the farmers and everyone involved in production and the process of ensuring the safety and quality of the cacao beans. That is another reason why our chocolates are popular among chocolate lovers; they are not mass-produced, and care and consideration is given not only to the quality of our products, but the people involved in the process. No better example of utilizing this concept and process is a sub-brand, Cacao Market and the expansion of stores in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Ishigaki Island (opening July 2016).



Only the finest, seasonal and natural ingredients are carefully selected for our confectionery. Each piece of chocolate at MarieBelle is handmade and is slowly and carefully made to perfection. Maribel pays a visit to the cacao farms herself to taste and select the recipes to be made.

1. MarieBelle uses only rare high quality cacao.

We select only the finest choice of cacao beans from all over the world. From within the best cacao beans, we choose the best Criollo cacao beans.

2. We set very strict standards on the selection of ingredients.

All of the fresh ingredients are carefully selected and all of the work is done by hand from start to finish.

3. A time-consuming approach

The fresh ingredients are carefully settled overnight for extraction, and the extract serves to furthermore bring out the taste and fragrance to an exquisite flavor.

4. MarieBelle’s secret recipe

The cacao mass and extract are blended with other ingredients such as the cacao butter and MarieBelle’s seccret recipe and then stretched out into a 1 cm. thick sheet.

5. The highest level of chocolate

Work and various operations are involved in controlling the temperature and taking the air out so that the Cacao particles become round and the texture of the chocolate comes to be smooth. Our passionate artisanal culinary artists hand-make all the original designs. Each design tells its own story.

6. Thorough enforcement of quality control

In order to guarantee consistent high quality, preservation in storage is kept at fixed periods of time. MarieBelle’s high standards and thorough enforcement of quality control is what ensures that our chocolate will always have our characteristic delectable taste.

7. The guarantee of MarieBelle chocolate

In order to bring to you the exact same chocolates as the MarieBelle in New York, only handmade chocolates that are made at the MarieBelle factory in Brooklyn New York are sent to our MarieBelle store in Kyoto.